Healing That Oktoberfest HangoverWe've got the solution to this sobriety-induced sadness.

So Oktoberfest is over, and it’s left you with a gaping hole in your existence.

We know the feeling, and we empathise.
That’s why we’ve done some not-so-reliable scientific research and put together a post-party, coming-to-terms list for you.

Ease Back Into Your Diet

Most science guys say that one of the best ways to get back into your routine is to ensure your diet is normal. No binge eating or such.
We agree—continue to maintain the diet you adopted during Oktoberfest, which is probably mostly a liquid diet, and you shouldn’t feel too bad about the event ending.
(Even if you do, you won’t remember it the next day. So, problem solved.)

Talking Vs. Blabbering

If talking isn’t helping, switch straightaway to blabber mode. The one where you tell your friend and his second-cousin about how amazing your trip was and how nothing will ever compare. Supplement your talk with some visual cues. Make them rue the fact that they didn’t travel along with you.

(This will help you come to terms, or your friends will ensure that you never talk about it again. Again, problem solved.)

Look at photos

And force other people to look with you. Bring out those amazingly out-of-focus photos that mostly documented drunken debauchery. Cringe, smile, cry, cringe again at how you thought a great ‘photo face’ can look so horribly twisted in retrospect.
Upload some on Facebook too. Write captions for each one. Mass tag people you think might relate.

Just trying to help.

Seeing these images over and over again might work like hypnosis and make you feel like you never really left. (You know, same as how you keep looking at your ex’s photos and try to recreate the same feeling.)

Have a ‘Get Over It’ Party

It’s over. It’s done. And the best way to deal with anything in life is to throw a party. Bring your weight’s worth in beer, call some fellow revellers, get some unhealthy food, and celebrate the end of a great run. (Chances are, by the end of this revelry, you’ll never want to look at anything beer related again. For like, one weekend or something. Which is already too long)

Plan for the next Beer Festival

Yeah, we know. Nothing will ever compare. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a totally different fun experience. There are a bunch of beer festivals that happen around the world, and one way to deal with Oktoberfest coming to an end is by attending another.
(It’s ok. If it’s making you question your loyalty and stuff, don’t worry. Oktoberfest will always know it’s The One.)

We hope this list helps you deal. And if it doesn’t, we can think of something else that might. You know where we’re at, no?