The Hazy Highlights of 2014Everything awesome about a truly Toit 2014.

It’s been a crazy year, and as with all crazy years, we can barely recall all the great moments. But we gave it a shot anyway, and through all the hazy, boozy memories, these stood out as some of the highlights. Time to take a trip down memory lane.

The Kudix Mug Holder of the Month

We always knew that we had the best customers in the world! But last year we decided to showcase just how great they really are. The Kudix Mug Holder of the Month is our way to honour and appreciate some our patrons, and get them to talk about their exciting lives. We started with Nikhil Mehta, same time last year, and the feature has been going strong ever since!


The Staff Feature

If you’re a regular at Toit, you’re probably familiar with our staff members already. Our staff is what keeps us going, the ones who manage all things Toit, from behind the scenes. The ‘Behind the Brewpub Scenes’ was our little way of celebrating their hard work and also helping you get to know them a little better. Each one is an absolute star!


The Oh-So-Specials

No year at Toit would be complete without a run through of our Specials! This year saw the return of the very popular seasonal beers Aam Aadmi Ale, the Pumpkin Ale, and the Santa Ale. But there was also a new introduction into the Toit Specials Hall of Fame—The Belgian Riot, a Belgian style malty ale. If you missed out on these beers last year, have no fear! They’re all going to be on tap as the year progresses. Just make sure you mark your calendars this time!


Our Special Food Menus

Sure, we’ve got Special Beers coming out every few months for our customers. But we’re just as invested in our food, and that’s why last year’s Oktober Fest Menu and Christmas Menu saw some delicious new additions.  A lot of trying, testing and research goes into creating these menus, and you can expect some fun new additions this year as well


Great Gigs

What’s a pub without some good, live music? Not much. 2014 was especially great because of the fantastic live acts that took place at Toit. We got some of the best local and international indie artists to perform for us—from the rustic sounds of Swarathma to the funky pop style of One Night Stand, to name a few. We also introduced the Sunday Simmer Down, an initiative to take these live acts forward. You can now walk in and expect to catch some interesting live acts on the last Sunday of every month.


We grew!

Toit’s growing up. And this little growth spurt resulted in a new section on the first floor, perfectly positioned to overlook the stage, also doubling up as a niche little corner tucked away in case you’re planning on having a private party. And if you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll like our take on some timeless classics.



Toit Merchandise

You might have done some window shopping, and even pub hopping, but have you ever done some Pub Shopping? That’s right! Now you can proudly wear your booziness or carry it around at the very least. We introduced our line of Toit merchandise last year, and it includes everything from beer glasses and T shirts to magnets and lighters. We got our Toit on!


Toit gets journalistic

We launched our in-house newspaper, the Drinkers Daily . It’s full of everything Toit, some questionable facts, our favourite features, and whole lot of Kudix. Talk about vested interests! You can grab a copy at our front-desk, or just pick one up at your table. You’ll find it if you look for it, just like all good news stories!

Since 2014 was a big, year-long, party, we know that we’ve got make 2015 bigger and better! And the year has only just begun! Think we can make it crazier?
Keep watching this space! We have some super exciting announcements to make this year!