Football Lover = Beer LoverSame, same but different.

If you’ve ever been around beer lovers or football fanatics, you’ll notice that the two tend to overlap. 

When there’s a football screening, you can be sure that beer isn’t too far away. And it isn’t surprising, because the two—yes, the drink and the sport—are surprisingly similar.
Allow us to elaborate.

The Emotions

This is the first thing you’ll notice.
Both beer and football incite extreme emotions. People feel very passionately about the game. The further you get into a football match, the more vivid and aggressive this display.

Same with beer.
We’ve all been there. There is no shame. (Only friends who will waste no time in reminding you of it for the rest of your life.)

Ultimate Loyalty

Football fans are loyal. This extends from the clubs they support to the teams they’re supporting in the World Cup.
They will quote stats, games from decades ago, player records and every other imaginable recorded detail in the history of the game to make their point. Friends, limbs, and dignity have been lost in these displays of team loyalty.

Same with beer.
Beer drinkers tend to be pretty vocal about their preferred brews, and they’re not ones to back down when the quality of their favourite beer is questioned.

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Football viewing is all about tradition.
There is usually a designated space to watch it at, with traditional food and drink (!) that must be consumed while watching, with the ‘lucky jersey’ on.
The longer the viewing has been happening, the more solidified these traditions are.

Same with beer.
Beer drinkers are sticklers for tradition too. There is a favourite pub (!!), a daily routine, a specific number of beers too that must be consumed to ensure Universal balance.


Speaking of ‘lucky jersey’, merchandise plays a huge role in the life of a football lover. You’ll end up knowing who their favourite players are, whether you want to or not, simply by looking at their clothes of choice on match day. 

Same with beer.
Most beer lovers wear their hearts on their sleeve. A sleeve that is attached to a T shirt that usually carried some cartoon character or quote about how beer is better than most things in the world.

What? You don’t have any such tee? Oh well, time for a shameless plug then. Heh.

Display of Knowledge 

Every football viewing group has this fellow.
He/she has probably been watching the sport for a long time, has probably done a lot of reading and research about it, and probably really does know quite a bit.
What is not learnt however is the ability to just shut up and not bore everyone to death with trivia.

Same with beer.
You spend enough time at a brewpub (!!!) and you’re bound to run into beer buffoons who think they know more than the brewer and will waste no beer in telling you.

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Never Disappointed

The thing that ultimately binds both football and beer lovers together is the fact that no matter the outcome,  you’re never disappointed.
When your team wins, nothing quite describes the feeling.
When your favourite beer is available in plenty, nothing quite describes the feeling.

Sure, your team might also lose, but you got to watch some class football, and there’s always next time. With new hope.
Sure, you got wasted and tried impressing someone and it bombed, and don’t think you can consume another glass of beer again, but there will always be a next time. With new hope.

But really, football and beer is probably the best combination out there, one that goes way back in time.

So honour this centuries old tradition by coming by and consuming some quality football and beer at ours. Who are you supporting?