Fête de la Musique at ToitCelebrate Music Day, the Toit way!

Apart from being a place where you can enjoy some good brews, we also love doubling up as a place where you can experience some great live music.

So if you stop by for a casual drink, you might just end up catching a live act too.

This year, we’re one of the many venues in the city playing happy hosts to the annual music festival, the Fête de la Musique 2015.

The event is hosted by Alliance Française Bangalore, and is a two day event which celebrates all genres of music from pop to metal, along with all kinds of musician, amateur and professional, through a series of live shows at different venues across the city.

Taking place on the 20th & 21st of June, this year they’ve got 16 venues across which the festival is going take place across, involving everything from brewpubs and music schools, to Alliance Française itself.


It’s a two-day long musical party and we just had to be a part of it.

And we’ve got three acts on the 21st of the month, to close the event on an acoustic note.

Starting things of nice and mellow is Anup, with an early acoustic set. Following him is The Acoustic Project, or T.A.P as they’re popularly known— a musical group influenced by acapella and modern country pop, made up of students from St. Joseph’s Commerce College.

Ending the night on a big note, are music veterans Allegro Fudge, an acoustic rock band formed by some of the most loved and recognised musicians of the city. Their wide range of musical influences has helped them create a distinct style and signature sound.

And if that deal wasn’t sweet enough, entry to the event is free! And we’ve got beer.
So make sure you get here nice and early, and in the mood to celebrate some music.