We are a brewery, so we’re not really sure why you’re even looking at this part of the menu. But we understand if you’ve got issues with beer.
Beer forgives all. Not really.
If you’re just taking a break from beer, we have a wide choice of spirits and make some wicked cocktails. Let our bartenders mix your favourite cocktails either in a glass for yourself or a large pitcher to share with friends or if you’re adventurous, go solo on the pitcher. At Toit, we just want you to have a good time. But remember, go easy on the LIITs.
And if you’re a teetotaller or choose to play it safe for the night, don’t worry, we love you guys too. Our signature mocktails will help you fit right in.
Just don’t go crazy on them.

All drinks are subject to availability. Spirits and liqueur prices are for 30ml measures. All our mixers are sold in cans (doing our bit for the environment) and are only charged at the list price plus taxes. Govt. taxes as applicable. Service charge @ 7.5% extra.