Crazy Christmas Cheer Inspired BeerChristmas cheer, from those who brew beer.

We know the Christmas cheer inspires many a person to do many a kind deed.

Take out the trash, help around the house, maybe volunteer to buy groceries, or even a round of beer for the friend who has to work both Christmas day and New Year’s night.

With brewer’s however, the cheer manifests in a slightly different way. Yup. In the form of brews inspired by everything Christmassy. Almost.
Get your Santa hats on, because it’s time for the crazy Christmas cheer inspired beers!

Mistletoe Bliss 

We like the sound of this. And about right too, this being the holiday season to be jolly and everything. This one from Lazy Boy Brewing in Washington. Does stringing up bottles of this beer count?

Midnight Sun Cohoho! Imperial I.P.A

Umm. A tad bit confusing, but we’re down with it anyway.  This robust IPA is like a beer bag of goodies, packed with three different hops, brown sugar, honey and juniper berries. If that doesn’t say Christmas-in-a-beer-mug, then we don’t know what does.

Santa’s Butt

Winter Porter apparently. And that’s all we’ll say. It feels wrong somehow, to discuss Santa’s butt.

The Bad Elf 

This one, an English IPA from Ridgeway Brewing. (They’re the same guys behind Santa’s Butt, by the way. If that helps put things in perspective.)

The Very Bad Elf

Yup. No jokes. Another one in the IPA series, on a slightly sweeter side. And despite the grinch-esque names, these Pale Ales are quite the hit amongst beer lovers overseas.

The Seriously Bad Elf

So, right about now we’re going to go out on a limb and say that the people at Ridgeway Brewing aren’t the biggest fans of Santa’s little helpers. Or the conventional idea of them, anyway.

(PS:- There’s also the Criminally Bad Elf, and the Insanely Bad Elf, but we think the point has already been made. We encourage you to go through the series though, and send us photos too.)

The Mad Elf Ale

Another not-so-flattering description of the little guys, this Belgian Strong Dark Ale is made up of an interesting combination of honey and cherries. Mad-good Elf Ale, perhaps?

Snow Ghost Winter Lager

Just the kind of chills we’d like. This one by Great Northern Brewing in Montana, brewed to keep ‘alive’ the snow ghosts haunting the mountains there.

Sleighr Dark Double Ale

In case all the Christmas cheer was getting to you, the darkness in this one is sure to balance things out. By Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, this dark double ale has a great flavour and a badass name to boot. All the metalheads in town would agree, yes?

Santa Ale 

Yep. This one, from your very own friendly neighbourhood brewpub. We keep it simple, and let the beer do all the talking.

So get off your (Santa’s) butt and come indulge in some Christmas cheer already!