Celebrating the HarvestSending it local style. Because, how else?!

Some major harvest festivals just took place over the weekend. (Yup. Festival on a weekend is a bummer, but hey, sweets!)
Out here in namma ooru, the harvest festival, or Sankranthi as it is locally known, is reason to celebrate the new crop of a new year, and all the prosperity that it signifies.

Couldn’t be more apt for us—we start 2017 with some exciting new things to look forward, which you should definitely know about by now. (If not, here you go.)

But we’re not just celebrating new ventures this festival. Every year, during this time, we also renew the deep commitment we made when we started out as a brewery, to be as locally representative and inclusive with our beers as possible.

At Toit, we have a whole bunch of Special beers that celebrate the goodness of pure Indian flavours. (Yup. There’s something new and local almost every month.)


The festive season is also a reason for us to celebrate our local suppliers and those hard at work at the original source of all the products that go into our brews.

But how does beer play a role in the harvest festivities?
Well, in a bid to pay homage to all the local efforts that go into creating our unique brews, we created Namma Beeru—a Ragi based specialty ale. Ragi, or millet seeds, are a staple part of the local diet in Karnataka, and are also hugely nutritious.
Out here, they are enjoyed in anything from fried forms to cookies.
And of course, because of the fear of missing out or as it is better known in some circles, FOMO, we felt the need to add to those forms.

The Namma Beeru is a testament to the goodness of all things local, and also our own little way of adding some joy to the festival season. We’ve also thrown in some jaggery to sweeten the deal. (Because, what’s a festival special in India without some sweet, right?!)

So, make sure you stuff yourself with some ragi based deliciousness and then come tank up some more on another form of Ragi gorgeousness. You already know where!