Busting Beer MythsBring on the cheer, the myth busting list is here!

It’s the season where cheer runs high and stories run wild—the season when you’ll happily find just about any excuse to celebrate.

But it’s also the season when proverbial Grinches surface and try to spoil your merry making with some false facts and tall tales about beer drinking.
It’s the season to be jolly, and you don’t need that kind of negativity.
So that nobody can take away your cheer, our beer myth busting list is here!

Myth # 1  Beer should be consumed ice-cold.

Truth: No, not really. It actually depends on the beer, and its ingredients. There are different varieties of beer, some of which are meant to be consumed cold, and others, warm. For example, Pilsners are usually served cold, while Stouts are served at warmer temperatures.
It varies so that you can appreciate the flavour and distinct notes in the beer better, and it definitely beats drinking some freezing- cold, mouth-numbing liquid.

 Pilsners are usually served cold, while Stouts are served warmer…

Myth # 2 Draft is better than bottled beer.

Truth: While brewing beer is great, and we’re all about supporting local brew, it really depends on the brewpub or bar.
Getting beer off the tap is probably the closest you can come to having fresh beer, but it’s also absolutely essential that the tap lines are maintained well.
If they’re not, a lot of buzz killing bacteria can get into your beer, and make it taste stale or acidic. But if it’s a brewpub that’s proven it’s worth over time, we’d recommend that you leave the bottles behind!

Myth # 3 Darker beers are stronger.

Truth: Colour has absolutely no correlation with the strength or ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of the beer. This myth probably comes from the dark colour associated with stouts, and their signature bitterness. But that’s just the hop content.
Take for example our stout, the Nitro Stout.
It’s one of the hoppiest, most robust beers we have on tap, but has an ABV of 4.3%, lower even than the clear, golden, seemingly light Basmati Blonde, which has an ABV of 4.6%. Colour really isn’t indicative of strength, just flavour.

…it’s also absolutely essential that the tap lines are maintained well.

Myth # 4 Beer drinking gives you a belly.

Truth: We’ve been trying to debunk this one for decades now. In moderate amounts, beer doesn’t do anything bad to you.
In fact, beer is quite a healthy drink too, with the average yeast and fibre content being the equivalent of a loaf of bread. It’s the calories that do you in, after a point. So if you’re going to be throwing back one too many, then you’d better invest in some new clothes.

Myth # 5 Beer is a bitter drink.

Truth: How many times have beer lovers had to endure statements like- “I don’t drink beer. It’s too bitter! I like my drink to be tasty”?
This persistent myth is a classic case of under-tasting. Beer has so many different versions and forms, that it’s impossible to generalise.

Colour really isn’t indicative of strength, just flavour.

While there are beers that are high on the hops, you have fruity beers, and others with unique ingredients that have sweet notes, and are very low in bitterness levels. It’s all about finding the right one.

Myth # 6 Santa isn’t real.

Truth: We can’t fix every single thing, ok?