Bringing Down The House- Part IIIt's part two of your architectural 101.

And as promised, the concluding bit to our two-part series.

What’s that platform right at the centre?

Precariously perched between the first and second floor, overlooking the ground floor, is the elevated stage. This is the most central part of  Toit and is where bands perform. We always knew that live music had to be part of the entire experience we were going to deliver and this stage is where it all happens. On days that there aren’t any shows, and major sporting events are going on, the background of the stage is transformed into a giant screen and matches are projected there.


It’s all about the details

The posters are so unusual. What’s the connection and where do you get them?


For those who’ve visited us enough, you’ll see that there a whole bunch of eclectic posters everywhere you look. We’ve put up posters of our favourite bands and movies, and generally things we feel lend to the distinctive mood people have come to associate with Toit. Our creative agency Fryed is the source of these posters, and we love them. Like the first ever poster you put up in your room.


There’s a tree trunk inside the pub.

Just to set the record straight-we didn’t cut the tree! That happened while the place was being constructed and it’s been that way from the time we took over the building, and we arranged the interiors around the rest of it.


What’s half an auto protruding out of the wall doing in a place like this?

Of course there had to be an Auto. And it’s strategically located at a place that a lot of people walk past and we use the back of the auto to put up posters of upcoming events at Toit. Because there’s no better place in the world than the back of an auto to display posters.


There are posters in the Loo too!

We’re aware that Toit could be home to many first dates and general coupley things. And that’s why we’ve assumed you might spend a lot of time powdering your nose in the bathroom, or doing your hair. Date or not, you’re bound to visit the bathrooms at some point. Whatever it might be, we’ve put up what we think are great pearls of wisdom to help make your time spent in the loo a lot more enjoyable and enlightening.


Generally speaking

Everything you see in Toit, will reflect an Earthy vibe- right from the exposed brick walls, using wooden panels on the ceilings, the dark brown texture of our furniture, save the couches and barstools in some of the sections for visual belief, the Mangalore tiles on the roof.

Our ground floor  also contains a special Pet Friendly section, so that you don’t ever have to leave your kitty, doggie or kangaroo along at home when you want to grab a beer. Also, the bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. Because everyone should be able to have a good time.


It really is like walking around in a museum of unique architecture. You could spend your time walking around, looking at all these things, and maybe you’ll even find things that we still aren’t aware exist.