Bringing Down The House-Part IIt's part one of your architectural 101.

It’s not just our unusual mascot, or the rumours about our name that we’re well known for. Adding to the quirkiness, is our very foundation. Our architecture and interiors are just as whimsical as everything else about us. So we’re breaking it down for you based on the numerous questions we’ve been asked.

So what’s the story behind the triple roofs and general unusual structure?


The story goes that if the original Metro alignment had been followed, Toit as you know it wouldn’t exist, because the original Metro line would has passed through where our dear brewpub currently stands. The place was built by the architect Renu Mistry, and we’ve retained the outer shell in the style of the original structure. Arun Balan who runs Bodhi Tree Architects, worked on the interiors so that we could have a large, continuous space; you know, the better to serve you with.



Ground floor, first floor and the Second. What’s different?


So once you take in our outer structure, enter and you’ll have your first visual experience of our curious three levels. That and our brewery. The way the interiors have been divided makes everyone feel kind of involved despite being on different levels. Each section serves its own unique purpose, so let’s take them one level at a time.



The Core

Enter, and you’ll see our massive brewing machines, right there in front of you. We’re one of the very few brew pubs where the actual brewing happens so close to where people sit. You might actually see how the entire brewing process works, over a couple of beers and some lunch.

Also, it was the most logical place we could put it, perfect for the height and space requirement.

The Essential Pub Floor

What started out as a narrow space, with high stools and a nice little bar, and a typical British pub feel to it, later grew. We retained the bar feel though, and that’s why you’ll find solid wooden benches and long tables so that big groups can just sit around and have typically loud, bar-esque conversations.

The Hit-the-floor Floor

The first floor is slightly secluded from the rest of the structure, and because of this has become a popular spot for private parties and corporate events. This is also where you will find our super DJ spinning some super beats, and so obviously you’ll find this section to be just a little louder, wilder and fast paced. It’s almost like we have parallel universes within our Toit world. We wanted to move away from the standard posters approach and our creative agency Fryed came to our rescue and how. For the kind of music he plays, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate backdrop for our DJ.



The Fun-times-with-Family/ Lazy Sunday Floor

This section, the second and top most, is divided into what can be best defined as the family section, perfectly suited for conversations and catching up, and we’ve made a conscious effort to keep this side a little quieter and intimate, because there’s nothing more important than family bonding.

The other side is the lazy, lounging side, what with the island bar, sunlight bathing the couches during the day, the starry skies above at night. You really can end up spending an entire day there- it’s that comfortable. It’s funny how popular this section is, because even the founding team hasn’t been able to ever sit back and relax on these couches.



Next post, we get into the tiny details. Because it really is all about the details. What is in the details, you may ask? You’ll need to read the concluding part of this article to find out.