Best Kept Secret at ToitWe sat down with these groovy boys and swapped some secrets.

We think good food, good beer and good music make for a great combination, and that’s what the Sunday Simmer Down at Toit is.

As a part of this initiative, we feature bands from around the world, and each of them have a great musical story to tell.

Last Sunday we had the very stylish Best Kept Secret play a super fun set here at Toit.
For the uninitiated, the four member band of Behram Siganporia, Jonathan Anand Wesley, Hemanth Diwakaran, and Abhilash, is an electro-pop band, with a slight touch of rock to it. Formerly known as One Night Stand, we spoke to their frontman Behram, and ask him what the big secret really was, among other things.

So what is this thing you’re keeping secret? (what’s the big secret?)

 Behram: If we revealed that to you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

Abhi likes the beers at Toit so much that he takes all his dates there.

Do you guys drink beer? (what kinds?)

Behram: Hemanth drinks Geist, and Whistling Wheat  and Abhilash drinks the Hefeweizen at Toit. Jonathan and I like to stick to our OJ!
In fact, Abhi likes the beers at Toit so much that he takes all his dates there. There you go! One secret revealed!

What’s the most you’ve had?

Behram: The most I’ve had is a large can as a part of a beer drinking competition at the Octoberfest. Never had it before and I’m pretty sure I won’t have it again. (Mainly because I have the drinking capacity of a little girl!) Jonathan has never tried, and Hemanth and Abhilash cannot recall the incidents that took place after they drank lots of beer. 

Do you guys have any pre-gig rituals?

Behram: No real pre-gig rituals except a huddle where we pump each other up. My only real pre-gig ritual is that I like to leave the hotel/home for the concert as late as possible. 


…I have the drinking capacity of a little girl!

Best venue you’ve played at.

Behram: Mount Carmel Girls’ College. Best fans in the world! Coming in at a close second would be the luxurious Moksha Spa in Shimla.  

Favourite/most memorable show as band.

Behram: We’ve done over 250 shows as a band and it’s really hard to pick a “memorable” one because all of them are invariably exciting and interesting in their own ways. This year, playing at the UB City Amphitheatre on Valentine’s Day was definitely a memorable one, because thousands of people came to watch us and they were all really involved in our performance.  

Biggest challenge being a band in India. 

Behram: Biggest challenge for us is to reach out to audiences on a large scale as we sing in English. And that’s mainly because we’ve grown up in English speaking households and my Hindi sucks to the core. So being an English band limits us slightly but that is changing and we feel that very soon, the culture of buying music and paying for music, will become stronger in India. 

…we feel that very soon, the culture of buying music and paying for music, will become stronger in India.

Who do the ladies love the most?

Behram: All four of us, equally. Although, I believe I have a slight advantage because of my sexy, red guitar. 

Who’s the diva?

Behram: Our sound engineer, Vinod!

If you could play for any band apart from Best Kept Secret?

Behram: Hemanth plays for Vasundhara Das, Abhilash plays for Windoze, Jonathan plays for Slain.  I don’t think I can play for another band. Maybe Coldplay, if they asked me to! But then again, I’ll have to check the BKS schedule before committing to Chris Martin. 

If there’s one thing people should know about Best Kept Secret, what would it be?

Behram: We are a hard working band. We meet 4 times a week for rehearsals, recordings and to discuss music in general. The chemistry between us in incredible and we are like brothers. We respect each other and help each other grow as musicians and in becoming better humans, in general.

Hang on, is this a trick question? Because you’ll never know ‘that one thing’ which is clearly, Best Kept Secret!