Behind the Brewpub ScenesSay hello to Rajendra Singh - lovingly known as Raju!!

Running a brewpub/concept restaurant isn’t easy- it’s a lot of work, a lot of sweat and the occasional tears.

There are a lot of good, earnest people working behind the scenes, who put in a great deal of effort, round-the-clock, to ensure that everything you love about stays that way.

And these people are none other than our never-tiring, ever-inspiring staff.

Meet the man responsible for serving your favourite comfort food in ways you wouldn’t have imagined possible—say hello Permit Room’s CDP, Rajendra Singh.

Where are you from?

Kalyani in Uttarakhand

When did you join TPR?

I was transferred from Toit to TPR in Feb 2017. I’ve been here for 2.5 years. I worked in Toit for 2.5 years.

Where were you working before Toit?

I worked in Delhi, at CCD

How was your Café Coffee Day experience?

I worked there for 9 months. It was a very memorable experience. People really liked me and appreciated my attitude at work. In fact, when I was leaving, they asked me to stay back. They even said they would re-work my salary but I had decided to give Bangalore a chance.

And before that?

I worked at the Delhi border where goods trucks pass. I was there for 2 years working at the border office. While it was fine, the water was not good and I fell sick with jaundice after which I moved to Delhi.

How long have you been in the city?

It’s been 9 years since I left home for city life.

Why did you shift to Bangalore?

I knew a chef who worked in Toit. He advised me to move here, saying the job is good and I have an opportunity to learn and grow. I remember the date as well, it was 10th July, 2014.

Did you know you were going to join the kitchen?

I did not know anything. I just landed up here, he asked me to just focus and start adapting and learning. That’s exactly what I did. I learned things on the job, I got hands-on experience and I was being appreciated.

Did you always want to be in this industry?

No. I wanted to join the Indian army. I went twice, I was selected after the physical test but both times, I did not pass the medical exam, I was told I am colour blind.

I had no idea about the hospitality industry but I took my chance. My friends guided me and there were a lot of people from Uttarakhand in Delhi and Bangalore which gave me the confidence of being able to stand on my feet and build my life in the city!

What is your role at TPR?

I am a CDP. I am in charge of the grill section.

As soon as I come to work, I check my section. I run a detailed check on the fridges, retain what is good and discard the spoiled items. Once that is done, I work on preparing items that needs to be refilled in the fridge and then move on to the preps for the day.

I also talk to the staff during briefing and I guide the team. I am in charge of ordering veggies, dry items etc with the stores team.

What do you do on your day off?

I live alone so I use my off day to complete all my errands for the week. I relax in the mornings and step out later, meet friends and chill, we make a plan to go to a park or we meet at home.

Do you miss your home town?

I go once a year; my parents, brother and sister live there. City life is great for growth but village life is so much better for the weather and peace of mind. I have decided to stay here for a few more years though.

How has your experience in TPR been so far?

TPR has been a great experience! Kavan Chef and Vipin Chef guide me and help me a lot. The management, company, staff, team, policies are all good and help us grow.

What is your favourite dish to make on the grill?

Beef Steak Ullitheyal but the tastiest dish is Pandi Curry.