Behind the Brewpub ScenesSay hello to Raghu!

Running a brewpub/concept restaurant isn’t easy- it’s a lot of work, a lot of sweat and the occasional tears.

There are a lot of good, earnest people working behind the scenes, who put in a great deal of effort, round-the-clock, to ensure that everything you love about stays that way.

And these people are none other than our never-tiring, ever-inspiring staff.

Meet the man responsible for serving your favourite comfort food in ways you wouldn’t have imagined possible—say hello Toit’s Assistant Steward, Raghu.

When did you join Toit?

25th May 2015. It’s been 4 years 5 days since I joined

What were you doing before joining Toit?

I was working on the farm, in my village. I was farming and doing everything I could possibly do on the farm.

Where are you from?

My village is called Kalmadi, it is in Baleshwar district.

What motivated you to come to the city?

I had no dreams of moving to the city until one day, Niranjan (who used to work here) called me. He asked me to come over and give the city life a chance. That’s it, I made up my mind and came here.

What is your role at Toit?

I work as an Assistant Steward.

Did you have any prior experience working in the hospitality industry?

I worked at Chilli’s before Toit. I was in the Housekeeping department. Later, I was transferred to the service department as an assistant steward.

How was your experience in Chilli’s?

It was my first job so I was just grasping things there. Since it was empty at most times, I did not feel like I was learning. Even the food at Chilli’s was not very appealing to guests.

Toit is a brewery, it is always crowded and you are up on your toes here, just working.  People like Toit for so many reasons and I like it here.

Did you always think of joining this field?

I had no idea or interest. I wanted to join the software industry, but there was no one to guide me.

I am a 10+2 pass and I have a certificate course in computers. I am healthy now, and until I can run around, I will continue to be in this industry. Once I feel like I want a more comfortable job, I will take up software.  I think I am stuck here for now, however by choice.

What is a typical work day like?

I wake up at 10am. I bathe and leave home at 11am. I have to report at 11: 30am. I work until 3, go home and return at 6:30. I work the break shift.

On duty, I have to check every little thing in the kitchen. I examine if everything is clean, from the water taps to the plates. I set up and organize the kitchen in an orderly fashion so chefs can find what they need without having to search for it during the busy hours.  Once the restaurant starts, I pick the food from the kitchen counter, take it to the table and place it in front of the guests. At all times, I make sure I announce the name of the dish. It is very important to know the menu for this job. It helps in everything I do.

What do you do on your day off?

I wake up at 10am and freshen up. I have breakfast at a small restaurant close to my room. On my way back, I buy groceries and go home. I cook lunch and rest well in the afternoon. I wake up at 5pm, make myself some tea, step out and roam around a little in the evening.

Do you miss home?

My mom, dad and younger sister are back in the village.  I miss home very much, it’s been a year now, I need to go soon. 

What do you prefer – city or village life?

I think I have changed. In the initial years, I would want to keep going back to the village but now I like it here. I think it’s boring in the village and there is nothing to do. I have so much going on here.

How has your experience in Toit been so far?

I like it a lot. I made lots of friends and the atmosphere is like a family. I have leaned and grown a lot in my job and as an individual. I like being here in this atmosphere, especially when It is crowded.  Toit has helped through my difficulties and it is helping me see through my dream’s day by day. I will always be thankful to the team here.