Behind the Brewpub ScenesThe man who manages it all- Derrick Paul.

Running a brewpub isn’t easy- it’s a lot of work, a lot of sweat and the occasional tears.

There are a lot of good, earnest people working behind the scenes, who put in a great deal of effort, round-the-clock, to ensure that everything you love about Toit stays that way.
And these people are none other than our never-tiring, ever-inspiring staff.
Our very own Toit Army- a battalion dedicated to the cause of good beer!

Meet the man who handles everything that goes on at Toit, with a keen eye and a shy smile- our Manager, Derrick Paul.
And when we say he handles everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

How did Toit happen for you?
It happened by chance, about seven months after it opened. I was supposed to apply at another brewpub initially, but a friend mentioned Toit and I thought I would just have a look. I applied, and I got the job.

What did you do before this?
I’d worked in this field for about fifteen years, before joining Toit. That was mainly hotel hospitality. Eventually, I shifted to working at night-clubs, which is where I learned a lot about different drinks and food, and generally the night life of the city. Compared to hotels, this was a lot more fast-paced with a lot more customers. It was very entertaining.

I’d worked in this field for about fifteen years, before joining Toit.

What’s it like being the manager of a brewpub? Is it the coolest job ever?
Very much. Toit is one of the top most places of its kind in Bangalore, and knowing that I manage a place like this feels great. The job comes with a lot of responsibilities, but I like the challenge- it’s a lot of fun. It makes me very proud to be associated with a place like this. My friends working in different industries are so impressed that I manage Toit, and so is my family. And that’s a very uplifting thing to know.

What does the daily life of a brewpub manager look like?
I’m the first in and the last out, but that’s part of the job. I travel about 17 kilometres to get here, and once I am working, I don’t look at the clock. Since I handle  both the customer side as well as the staff, my days are always busy.

I like to be part of all the activity, and enjoy  getting to know our customers…

What’s the most challenging situation you’ve had to deal with?
There are lots of situations but people waiting for tables can be quite a challenge to handle. They get very impatient very fast, and we have to handle that. But the management here is very supportive, and that’s why I can handle any situation comfortably.
As a manager, I have to make sure I observe everything going on and intervene whenever I see necessary. Having said that, I personally don’t like taking a back seat and simply observing. I like to be part of all the activity, and enjoy  getting to know our customers better to make sure they have a good experience.

What are your personal favourites at Toit?
I love the steaks! And the Pumpkin Ale, which is a seasonal special, is my favourite brew. I also like the Colonial Toit.

Given your many years of experience, do have any managerial tips you’d like to share?
This industry is a fun industry. It is very hands-on, because you get to meet a lot of new people and be a part of a very entertaining environment. There’s something new to learn everyday. You’re never bored.
For all the young people in this field, I’ll just say this- be focused, look to learn and gain knowledge and whatever the situation is, always keep calm.