Toit Hefeweizen

A full bodied, refreshing, Bavarian

This one takes us back to the time when the Reinheitsgebot or the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, which originally forbade the inclusion of anything but barley, hops and water.  This was done for two reasons – to maintain the quality of beer and to avoid price competition between bakers for wheat and rye, so that there was sufficient amount of grain available to make affordable bread. In 1850 the laws were relaxed to allow the production of wheat beers.

The Bavarian Hefeweizen is probably one of the most popular wheat beer styles that came about as a result of the relaxation. What makes this beer unique is the special yeast used, which during the fermentation process, gives the beer its distinct banana and clove character. Using imported German wheat malt, our Hefeweizen is fermented in an open fermenter, just like the Germans do it.

Some people like to add a slice of lime to the beer, but as the Germans say, “Das ist kein Bier!” (That is not beer!). So save the lime slices for the cocktails.


Aroma Exudes a moderate to strong aroma of banana and cloves, that comes from the yeast.
Flavour Usually contains a low to moderately strong banana and clove flavour.
Mouthfeel Has a medium-light to medium body feel.
Appearance While the colour ranges from a pale straw to a very dark orange, the beer has a cloudy appearance, with a very thick, long-lasting white head.
Commercial examples Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier, Schneider WeisseWeizenhell, PaulanerHefe-Weizen, ErdingerWeissbier
"Aufmandeln! It's time for some Bavarian beer."