Smoked Scottish Ale

Smo-kuhd Skaw-tish Aay-luh Speciality Ale

Inspired by a place that has over five thousand years of  beer legacy, this one’s a  spicy, malty speciality ale of ours, with a hint of a smoky flavour from the malt. Brewed with Pilsner, Munich, Crystal and peated malts that give it its smoky character, it is rumoured that you can hear the soft strains of bagpipes when you have enough of this brew in your system.

Flavour A malty, spicy ale with low hop bitterness and residual sweetness.
Aroma Malty with a light hop aroma.
Appearance Amber
Mouthfeel Medium Body
In Gaelic (local language in Scotland), “Toit” means “Smoke”.