Santa’s Spiced Stout

San-tuh's Spy-sid Stoww-tuh Spiced Milk Stout

This Spiced Milk Stout is our season Special, and like all things creamy, delicious and Christmasy, this English-style stout gives all the right feels.

Developed in the early 1900s, it’s historically known as “Milk” or ‘Cream stout”.

And with the trademark coffee and chocolate notes of a stout, along with some spices, it’s the perfect beer to warm your soul with during this festive Winter month.



Appearance Very dark brown to black with a creamy tan to brown head.
Aroma Hints of coffee, chocolate and spices.
Flavour Delicious coffee and chocolate, medium to high sweetness.
Mouthfeel Sweet, full-bodied.