Rye Pee Aye Pale Ale

This one was born out of a desire to turn the Colonial into a more hoppy beer, like the rIPA . But we decided to keep the Colonial where it is, and just do this one as a special.

Because while we want our specials, we want our session beers too. And cake.

In case you’re just in a tasting mood, this is a great beer to try. However, if you’re in the mood for more than one, we’d suggest you check out our session beers. But that’s totally your choice. We just do the providing, you do the enjoying.

Ingredients Malted barley, malted rye, some crystal malts and lots of hops.
Aroma A strong aroma, caused by malts and the hops, with a distinct note of caramel that comes from the crystal malts.
Flavour Carries the signature bitterness of the hops, but you also get a bit of a taste of caramel.
Food The prawns on fire. And also mushroom bites–because they go with everything.
Mouth Feel This one has a big mouth feel. Take a sip. That’s the hops that hit you. Bitter. And the bitterness goes down to your throat too. This one is a medium to a little higher than medium.
Hoppy beer is referred to as an Indian Pale Ale or a Double IPA, just to differentiate it from the Pale Ale. Two of the popular ones are the English bitter and the American pale ale. The American Pale Ale is really heavy on the hops, making it a lot more bitter than the English.