paam-kin ay-luh Seasonal, Festive Ale

It’s that time of the year again.

The time when the  branches of that unassuming tree down the road suddenly begin to seem menacing, the neighbourhood dog begins to show werewolf like tendencies and your sweet, loving, long white haired grandma becomes terrifying.

Your ale to brave the witching hour is here. The Pumpkin Ale is all the liquid courage you’ll ever need.

A spicy-sweet Halloween special Ale, this one is a lightly hopped seasonal ale infused with locally sourced roasted pumpkins, a variety of spices & jaggery. Yum!

Tank up and sit tight! The zombies are coming!

Aroma Light malty aroma with traditional spices.
Flavour Mildly spicy with residual sweetness from jaggery.
Appearance Amber
Mouthfeel Medium to full body.
"Trick or treat?"