Nutting Else Matters

Nut Brown Ale

Toit’s interpretation of the Northern English brown ale is a flavorful, malt-focused beer with a nutty, biscuity, caramelly character, and a slight smoke finish. It has a deep mahogany to brown color, with a moderate, off-white to light tan head. It has a gentle malt sweetness in an overall balanced beer. Even though the hop bitterness is evident, it is restrained and not over bitter. The hop aroma is low to none to showcase all the malt flavors. The malt character is full of biscuity and nutty flavors and aromas, with a gentle smoke lingering aftertaste.

Aroma Nutty and slightly smoky
Appearance Brown
Mouthfeel Medium body, smooth
Flavour Malty and biscuity, with hints of caramel and nuts, and balanced with a hint of smoke