Nitro Red

A full bodied, nitrogenated Irish red ale

This one is a dark beer, in which the malt and hop characters are beautifully balanced. It has a little taste of caramel sweetness, offset perfectly by the bitterness derived by combining a variety of Noble hops from two different countries. A complex and delicious beer, which is now nitrogenated, giving it a richer creamier head and a fuller mouthfeel.

Aroma Delightful mix of the aromas of pine/grapefruit/raisins, which come from the malts and the hops used
Mouthfeel Containing a moderate level of nitrogenation, this one has a medium-full body feel
Appearance Reddish in colour, ranging from clear to brilliant
Flavour Has a moderate to high hop flavour. The bitterness comes from the variety of hops used
Commercial examples Kilkenny Red, Killians Red, Faraons Double Red Ale, Squatters Nitro Red Ale