Nitro Cream Ale – A tribute to Matt

Cream Ale

A Cream Ale, which is nitrogenated and dispensed from a stout tap, that gives the beer its creaminess and thick white head.

Our take on a classic British Pale Ale, that is mild in terms of alcohol, but strong on those classic flavours. This beer, in memory of Matt (our late head brewer), is bursting with all things he loved. A crisp, clean pale ale which has distinct bready and malty flavours with a slight nutty and toasty backbone, balancing beautifully with pleasant bitterness from English hops. This beer is nitrogenated and dispensed from a stout tap, which lends a thick creamy head and fuller mouthfeel.

Aroma Malty with little to no hop aroma
Mouthfeel Medium bodied
Appearance Dark straw to golden coloured with brilliant clarity, having a nice nitrogen cascade and thick creamy head
Flavour Malty, bread like flavour along with hints of nutty aftertaste blending well with the creaminess from flaked barley