Flower Power

Fluhva Puhva Saison

Our new special is a dry malty saison with Hibiscus flower. It’s a super refreshing, highly attenuated, moderately-bitter Belgian ale with a very dry finish. The high attenuation gives it a characteristic dry finish which is essential to the style, which also gives a high drinkability. The hibiscus adds a pleasant tartness to this dry session Saison. And a slightly acidic mouthfeel balances the dry finish perfectly. The high carbonation complements the expressive fruity, spicy and peppery yeast character. Definitely a beer you can’t miss!

Aroma Combination of fruity and peppery esters with a typical floral, fruity, herbal aroma and earthiness from the Hibiscus
Flavour Medium to high fruity and spicy/peppery flavour with a soft malt character
Mouthfeel Light to medium body.
Appearance Peach-like colour, cloudy from the starch haze with good head retention