Check-May-tuh Czech Style Lager

We’ve got a new special on tap and it’s a traditional Czech pilsner.

The CzechMate is brewed with Pilsner, a lager that takes its name from the city of Plzen, or Pilsen, located in Czech Republic.

While the city of Pilsen is believed to have begun brewing as far back as the 13th century, it wasn’t until 1842 that the first batch of Bavarian style Pilsner was produced.

Along with the Pilsner, this special is also brewed using Crystal malts and a generous amount of Noble hops.


Flavour A malty lager with medium to high hop bitterness and residual sweetness .
Aroma Malty with a light hop aroma.
Appearance Light Straw
Mouthfeel Light to medium body.