Toit India Pale Ale

A bitter, highly hopped, English style ale

This pale ale is an English pub classic, which pretty much made up the back-bone of the working class. A typical English session beer, brewed with traditional English Marris Otter, signature pale ale malt, crystal malts and an abundance of authentic English grown hops, this beer is proof that the railways aren’t the only good thing that came from the Colonisers.

Originally this beer was simply called a Pale Ale. However, over time pale ales were differentiated based on their hoppiness or bitterness, so that today, you can find English style pale ales, American style pale ales, and the famous Indian Pale ale.


Aroma This one has a distinctly high hop & malt aroma, with a strong caramel component.
Flavour Although it normally has a moderately low to somewhat strong caramel malt sweetness, a medium to high bitterness level, along with supporting malt flavours, is evident.
Appearance With a beautiful golden to deep copper colour, this beer has a good to brilliant clarity.
Mouthfeel With a low to moderate carbonation, this one has a medium-light to medium-full body.
Commercial examples Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale, Whitbread Pale Ale, Morland Old Speckled Hen
"Pint of bitter please, landlord!"