Brut IPL

Broo-Tuh Eye-Pee-Aye India Pale Lager

This brand-new beer is a heavily dry hopped, subtly bitter and effervescent lager, with a pronounced hop flavour and aroma of tropical fruits, guava and citrus.

A champagne-like pale lager, fully dried out with the aid of added enzymes.

This new type of beer has a lot of hop flavour and aroma, along with strong notes of tropical fruits.

The creamy white head it carries is beautifully balanced by a crisp and subtle bitterness from the late hop addition in the kettle (after it has cooled down in the wort).

This blend of dryness, crispness and a complex fruit profile make it a very refreshing beer.

Aroma Strong notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and guava from a blend of Mosaic, Amarillo, Citro and Simcoe hops
Appearance Pale, slightly hazy from the heavy dry hop
Mouthfeel Very light, dry, and effervescent
Flavour Crisp and subtle bitterness, from the late hop addition, with a prominent tropical fruits flavour from the hops