Backyard Lemongrass

Back-yaar-duh Lemon-Guhr-ass Wheat Ale
A soft and fruity lemongrass wheat ale, with rich maltiness from the wheat and fruity aroma from the Citra hops
AROMA Subtle lemongrass aroma (citrusy and lemon like), balanced with citrusy notes from the hops
APPEARANCE Gold to burnished gold and hazy, due to the high protein content of wheat malt, with a dense, long-lasting, creamy white head.
FLAVOUR Complex maltiness combined with a pronounced yet soft and fruity flavor from Citra hops and the yeast. Lemongrass flavor is prominent but never harsh, and linger with a balance of spices. The aftertaste is balanced between malt, hops and lemongrass.
MOUTHFEEL Medium to full-bodied & medium carbonation.
OVERALL IMPRESSION Balanced wheat ale with fruity hops and spicy lemongrass, easy drinking and refreshing.
COMMERCIAL EXAMPLE Outer Banks Lemongrass Wheat Ale by Outer Banks Brewery, Ginger Lemongrass Wheat Ale by Funky Buddha Brewery, Reserve Lemongrass Wheat Ale by Widmer Brothers Brewing Compamy, Lemongrass Wheat Ale by City Lights Brewing Co.
GLASSWARE Weiss Beer Glass