Beer Posters

Things of beauty are known to inspire great works of art.
It’s no surprise then that beer, over the ages, has brought forth the creative side in enthusiastic patrons. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more vivid selection of this same love for the brew the way you do in beer posters.

We picked a few such posters from the multitude, for your perusal (and other such dainty words.)

There is nothing that unites people the way beer does, and this feel-good poster just drives the point home.

A lesson in bogus beer drinking practices that result in immediate social exclusion (rightly so). A noble PSA, this poster.

Also, who’s a good boy? The Double Dog Brewing Co., apparently. But also just, awwww!

Here’s a vintage poster to remind us all that a false sense of beer-induced bravado isn’t such a new thing at all. Millennials, we’ve got your back!

Erm…also inclusive? But honestly, what’s not to love about a spiffily dressed man and a Toucan sharing a Stout?! If a Toucan, then you can! (Sorry.)

We’re crazy about all things beer, and this poster panders to the beer nerd in us and how! Sources tell us that it’s best understood after having consumed a beer of each type. For real.

No poster list would be complete without an Oktoberfest poster. Good times, and a major throwback, through this 1954 special. As it turns out, the posters are just as popular as the festival.

There is a contest held every year before the festival (the first of which was held in 1952), and the winner ends up being the official Oktoberfest motif, which isn’t limited to just the poster but also goes on all official merch.

Heralding a more slick and minimal approach to the same hallowed beer festival, the Wiesn-mug motif has been the chief festival motif since 1978.

Weighing in at an ABV of 5.00%, some vintage Asahi for you. East-Asia, represent!

As always, some excellent perspective from our favourites.

And if you’ve stayed with us until now, we had to end the list on a high. If you’re combining beer and Alice in Wonderland, there’s not much sense in staying sober in any case. One of the two is going to make your head spin.

But we’ve well and truly jumped down the rabbit hole of posters, so if you know of some cool beer related posters, or better still possess one, be a darling and show us a photo, won’t you?