Beer Makes Everything BetterIt does. Medical (?) research says so.

Here’s the deal.
We’re kind of sick of everyone going on about beer bellies and how unhealthy it is.

Sure, if you have like 10 every single day, that might be a bit much (even though we hate judging)! But just because some people don’t have self control, don’t blame the beer.

In fact, we decided that our beloved brew was getting drowned in so much negativity that it was time to highlight the equally scientific and very medical health benefits of drinking beer.
That’s right. Benefits. Like Uncle Ben. (Oh god. Uncle Ben!)

But anyway, really quick, amidst like the 1000 good ones, we picked our favourite five.

**(Of course, we’re obliged to let you know that these are scientifically tested on a sample audience and might not apply to everyone, and strictly speaking everyone’s medical history is as unique as them so be smart and cool, but also, some positive thinking never hurt anyone.)**


Medical (?) Fact #1

Beer Helps Curb Cardio-Vascular Diseases.

Yeah. That’s right. While wine has been hogging the limelight this whole time and beer has kept a dignified silence, classy as always, it turns out that beer drinkers face a 42% less chance of heart disease as compared to non-drinkers.

Not so fun fact: That is, of course, if you limit your drinking to a pint a day and not behave like every weekend is your graduation party.


Medical (?) Fact #2

Ditch The Carrots, Drink Beer.

Some cool Canadian scientists found (and humankind will forever be indebted to them for this invaluable research) that a beer daily, particularly stouts and lagers, helps prevent the formation of cataracts in the the eye, because of increased antioxidants in the body.

Not so fun fact:  They also found that excessive drinking of the same can cause exactly the opposite effect. So, don’t ditch the  carrots just yet. They’re boring but they’re useful too. Credit where it’s due.


Medical (?) Fact #3

BP= Beer Please

Beer can lower the chances of hypertension, and studies at Harvard found that beer drinkers are less likely to develop BP issues, as compared to wine drinkers.

Not so fun fact:  Again, moderation is the key. Studies also say that irresponsible drinking increases the chances of becoming a jackass.


Medical (?) Fact #4

Workout and hydrate. With Beer!

A study stated that beer helped in recovery post workout, and in a particular control group, the post-workout pint did a better job of hydrating than water.

Not so fun fact:  Nope. Don’t substitute water with beer just yet. You need the water for a whole lot else. But totally ask out that hunk/babe from the gym for a beer.


Medical Fact #5

Beer Makes You Better.

Well, it makes you feel better about yourself anyway. A study found that people who had consumed beer evaluated themselves more favourably than those who had not. See? Beer lets you love yourself. Aww.

Not so fun fact: Even people who thought they had consumed alcohol, but hadn’t actually, evaluated themselves favourably too.
Basically, the liquid courage is all in your head. Love yourself, regardless of whether you have support from beer or not.

Because, you’ll always have support from beer. That’s true love.


Now go out there, dispel the rumours, spread the word of this highly abridged and not-so-questionable medical doctrine and make the world a better and healthier place. May the froth be with you!