Beer Festival Survival GuideIt's a beer jungle out there, and you better be prepared!

It’s a beer jungle out there, and if you’re not properly equipped, you’re going down!

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back. As always.
Presenting the Beer Festival Survival Guide—everything you need to know to make it through one of these boozy festivals in one piece. (more or less)

Mugs cleaned and loaded? Beer belly on standby? Beer buddy in position? Let’s do this!

Tip #1 Keep those energy levels high.

(Eat well.)

We all know very well the downside of drinking on an empty stomach. Plus, at festivals, the food is usually expensive and served in small portions. So if you want to focus only on drinking, line your tummy a little with some food before going into beer battle. It might just save your life. (and dignity!)

Tip #2 Hydrate.

(Drink Water.)

It’s the key to survival really. (Literally, and even at a beer fest)
It also helps you keep your palate fresh. The widely accepted magic ratio is 1 glass of beer : 1 glass of water. Now stick to it, soldier.

Tip #3 Wait It Out.

(Pace yourself.)

Patience is a virtue. And even more so at a beer festival. So instead of going in guns blazing, be cool and take it easy. Remember, the whole point is to sample as many different beers as possible, and not to pass out within half an hour and have your friends lug you around and take embarrassing photos.
The magical 1 : 1 ratio should prove useful here.

Tip #4 Get Your Armour On.

(Dress Appropriately.)

Don’t worry! We’re the last ones to take on the roll of fashion policing. What we mean by ‘appropriate’ dressing it to gauge the weather and dress accordingly. Most festivals are held outdoors and covering large spaces, so wear comfortable shoes too.

Ladies, ditch the heels. Once a sudden shower turns the previously happy, green grounds into a veritable bog, you’ll be regretting your on-point fashionable, but silly decision. Plus, if the organisers are out of seating, you might end up spending a lot of time on your feet.

Tip #5 Have a Plan

(And a Map.)

Your survival rests solely on your plan. Whether it’s an impulsive decision or one planned in advance, it’s always good to do a little homework before jumping in. A lot of festivals hand out brochures, while some even have websites. Take a look at them. Actually attempt reading. It’s not that bad.

It’ll give you a decent idea of what’s being served, when and where, and once you pick your favourites, you can easily plan your progress through the festival.

Tip #6 Stock Up On Ammo.

(Bring Cash.)

You don’t want something like this to ruin your plans. Not after you’ve got everything till point 5 covered! A whole bunch of brewers and food vendors set up shop at beer festivals. While some of them might accept credit cards, it’s just a lot easier if you’re carrying cash. For everyone.

With the beer flowing free, and the energy running high, the urge to prove your worth as Alpha Male or Female might be high, but sit tight. Everyone’s there to drink some brewed beer and just have a good time.
What’s that you say? Thanks for the tips? Pshaw! We’re brothers-in-beer and that’s what bros do. (sisters-in-sipping, too?!)

PS:- Tip #7 Also, bring a good camera. You’ll see why!