The List of Weirdest Beer IngredientsTest your love for beer.

We gave you a 101 on the basic ingredients that go into making beer. Consider this the advanced class.

The kind of class that really tests your love for the subject at hand.
Prepare to be intrigued, inspired, horrified, and downright disgusted. Presenting, the list of weirdest beer ingredients yet!
(Oh well, the weirdest in our humble opinion anyway.)

Weirdo #1- Pizza

Someone decided to take the amazing combination of beer and pizza to a whole new level. It wasn’t enough to have pizza with beer- it had to be pizza IN BEER!


Using the classic margarita pizza as the ‘base’, Mamma Mia’s Pizza Beer is winning at life.


They put the margarita pizza, in all its tomato, oregano, basil and garlic glory, into the mash, where it is left to steep. Once the boiling of the pizza in the brew pot is completed, it is then added to the fermentation vessel, along with hops and other regular beery things.


Weirdo #2- Cannabis/Hemp

A classic case of what happens when pot-heads get innovative. If you can get paper, pulp, oil and wax out of hemp, why not a brand-new beer?


Born as a result of a change in drug laws in Germany, Cannabia became the model of a well priced, high-quality organic product from Depetit Natural Products.


One part of the brewing is regular, traditional organic Pilsner style brewing. The second part is the unusual bit- the adding of a secret special organic hemp, along with source water and organic sugar, right before fermentation ends.
Side note: Cannabis (the sativa variety) is set to be increasingly used in beer in the US as individual states are passing legislation to legalise marijuana, starting with Colorado.


Weirdo #3- Oysters

Pearls aren’t the only precious things to come out of Oysters!


The brainchild of The Porterhouse Brewing Company, established in Ireland in 1996 and known for its speciality beers, the Oyster Stout is one of their best selling stouts.


Added during the brewing process, fresh oysters give the stout an extra sweetness, making for a well-balanced and smooth brew.


Weirdo #4- Barley Tikka Vindaloo

Yup! We’re stepping up the weird quotient a tad bit. Who can say no to curry, anyway?


All it takes is a love affair to change the world. In this case, it was Stuart Howe’s love affair with curry. The head brewer at Sharp’s Brewery created a beer using curry spices.


The standard curry spices like chilli powder, ginger, coriander, cumin, cardamom and fennel were added to standard beer ingredients to create a beer with a tangy, desi twist.


Weirdo #5- Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Did you ever get the feeling that beer was ‘divine’?


Brewing is a solemn, holy task for Lost Abbey. A fact they make very clear with their ‘Gift of the Magi’ beer,  since the three unusual ingredients in it also happen to be the gifts given by the three wise men to baby Jesus.


With a fairly high ABV of 9.5%, this golden beer gets its bitterness from a bark of Frankincense and also contains a small amount of Myrrh. The Lost Abbey rather fittingly brings out this beer every year during Christmas time.


Weirdo #6- Beard

About this time you’re probably wondering if this is a typo of some sort. But nope! No such luck. And yes, beard as in male(and unfortunate female)-facial-hair.


If you recall your basic beer ingredients, you’ll remember that yeast is one of the primaries. And when a lab technician at Rogue Ale’s Brewery Company jokingly swabbed the head-brewer John Maier’s beard, he found a compatible strain of yeast.


Not just compatible- apparently the yeast strain was found to be tailor-made for brewing. Once this was discovered, they set about cultivating more of it for wider use in their beer.


Weirdo #7-  Cat Poo Coffee Beer

What’s that? You’re a cat lover, you say? Well, it’s time to put your love to test.


While coffee might be a fairly common ingredient in dark beer these days, Mikkeller Brewery in Denmark added an additional kick to its Imperial Oatmeal Stout- coffee beans from the faeces of the Civet cat.


Found in South-East Asia, the Civet cat is known to eat only the best coffee berries and contains an enzyme in its digestive system that breaks down the beans, a natural fermentation of sorts, post-which workers collect the bean from their poo to procure civet coffee, which is one of the most expensive kinds of coffees in the world. The Imperial Oatmeal Stout has an ABV of 10.9% , which is supposed to give it a rich, dark espresso finish.


Weirdo #8- Bulls’ Testicles

You knew it was only going to go downhill after kitty poo.


The Wynkoop Brewing Company, based in Denver, takes credit for this beauty. Known as the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, this stout is made using bulls’ testicles. We’re hoping the beer being a stout is hilarious coincidence.


While the name might be confusing, Rocky Mountain Oyster is another name for a popular local dish – fried bull’s testicles. Brewed specially for the Great American Beer Festival, the beer included over eleven kilos of of bull testicles, that underwent a gruesome slicing and frying process before being added to the beer’s mash. The brew is dark brown in appearance and along with bull testicles, also carries strong notes of  chocolate syrup, Kahlua, and espresso.


Weirdo #9- Bloody Beer

No prizes for guessing the ingredients of this beer- tomatoes, dill, horseradish, peppercorns and celery seed.

Wait, what?

Ok fine! So we cheated. The beer doesn’t really contain blood and probably has the most normal ingredients out of the lot, but we just wanted to add it for shock value.
Relax, Twihards. It’s not what you think. It’s Short’s Brewing Company’s attempt to recreate the Bloody Mary in beer form.