Windies Champion Pale Ale

West Indian 'Champion' Ale Double IPA
If you’ve been keeping up with the news, and Cricket ¬†(well, you don’t really have a choice in India with this one!), then you’ll know that the 2016 T20 World Cup winners were the inimitable West¬†Indies.
And while it sucks that our Boys In Blue didn’t lift the cup, we’re not going to be sore losers about it.
That’s why we have a new beer on tap, a double IPA called the Windies Champion Pale Ale, infused with enough hops to help you forget India’s loss, and celebrate the spirit of the West Indian team.
Come by to make merry, or drown your sorrows even. Both are just fine.


Flavour Plenty of hop bitterness with some malt.
Aroma Malty with plenty of hops.
Appearance Light copper
Mouthfeel Light to medium body
"Everybody knows Chris Gayle is a champion."